is the continuing story of BOB and LORENA, an attractive, happy,
    all-American couple living a lifestyle of unbridled sexual deviance in
    a New York suburb during the “Camelot” years of the early 1960’s.  

    LORENA’s the Mistress of the House, a spicy Italian dish from
    Bensonhurst. She’s living proof that you can take the girl out of
    Brooklyn, but you can’t take Brooklyn out of the girl. Sexy and
    stylish, frisky and fragile, mean and ditzy, LORENA is Laura Petrie,
    Jake LaMotta and Lucy Ricardo all rolled into one!

BOB couldn’t be more different; he’s an erudite, prideful gentleman of
modest Midwestern roots. A wildly successful playwright, BOB’s the toast of
Broadway. As a wildly-successful playwright, BOB’s the toast of Broadway,
but he'd give it all up for his "real job": being LORENA’s adoring love-
slave!  After years of marriage, BOB remains crazy about his wife and will
do anything--literally
anything--for her.

They're madly in love, but nothing alike: BOB’s all intellect, LORENA’s
pure instinct. He’s Ivy League; she’s La Cosa Nostra. What do these
unlikely lovers find in common to ensure them an everlasting honeymoon?

The PERVERTS  is a wholesome, kinky, rough-and-tumble,
knock-down-drag-out comedy about the crazy,
inexplicable sh*t we do for love.